Coronavirus Update from Christ Church

Resources: Rev. Susan Richardson has compiled a great list of resources about staying connected, talking to kids about COVID-19, hearing from the Presiding Bishop, and more, located below on this page.
  • Christ Church Philadelphia is not suspending worship.  We will hold a Morning Prayer Service this Sunday at 10 a.m.  There will be no passing of the peace or communion.  
  • However, in the interest of public health and “flattening the curve” of COVID-19 infections, Christ Church Philadelphia asks the congregation to stay home and share in our live-streamed service.  We will strive to be a community while not congregating physically; we will congregate spiritually and, for those who can, virtually.
  • Because all consecrated communion held in reserve for the sick is being retired, we will consecrate new reserve sacrament after the 10 a.m. service.
  • Rev. Susan Richardson , Rev.Palmer Hartl, Parker Kitterman and Rev. Tim Safford will conduct the service, and it will be “live-streamed” on Facebook (
  • Even though we’ve asked our congregation not to gather, we will warmly welcome anyone who arrives but seat people in every third pew.
  • We will evaluate the worship schedule each week.
  • All parish programs, childcare, youth group, sandwich making, Godly play, Sages, etc. are postponed for the next three weeks, and their schedule will be evaluated.
Christ Church is facing challenges with cash flow, a battered endowment, and the hope that we can honor the hours already scheduled for our part-time childcare workers, sexton and artists. Keeping your offerings regular and up-to-date will make an important difference. Please contribute forward, if possible. As always you can give online through Paypal or Follow the links on our giving page.

General info and staying in touch with community:


Christ Church Facebook page:

As support for the in-person Christ Church community, there’s a Facebook group created there for staying in touch during COVID, called “Christ Church Connection.”


The Presiding Bishop’s March 12 statement


Episcopal Church news related to COVID, including messages from our Presiding Bishop


Diocese of Pennsylvania resource page, including messages from our bishop





Coping with anxiety and depression during this time; working from home; helping our kids:


How to Work From Home Now That Your Boss Doesn’t Want You Coming In:

If your company is making you work from home during the coronavirus outbreak, here’s what you need to make that transition work.

Coping with coronavirus anxiety, from Harvard Health

Coronavirus, Anxiety, Children and The Church, from Virginia Theological Seminary

5 Ways to Help Teens Manage Anxiety About the Coronavirus Adults can help by making sure adolescents don’t overestimate the dangers or underestimate their ability to protect themselves.

Coping with COVID-19, from the Phila-based Council for Relationships: On stress and anxiety


And of course, the hand-picked Lenten resources Susan sent around:

Video on invitation to Lenten practice from Michael Curry

On forgiveness of our sins – just a great blog posting by Garrison Keillor


Virginia Theological Seminary prayer all for Alexa

Can say things like “Alexa, open Morning Devotion (or noon or evening or bedtime) ” or “Alexa, open Anglican Rosary.”  It uses the wonderful historic collects from the BCP.


Signs of Life: a curriculum collaboration between the Brothers of SSJE (Cambridge) and Virginia Theological Seminary – includes videos, email newsletter, and a downloadable Lenten calendar ($5)

Progressive-faith podcast


The Presiding Bishop’s “Way of Love,” Lent curriculum


Lent calendar:


“Living the Way of Love” – 40-day devotional


“Pray As You Go” app for phones

Ca. 10-minute daily prayer sessions in the Jesuit tradition that each include a Scripture verse, a few thoughts, and space for prayer, plus other prayer tools around topics like loneliness or insomnia. 


Meditations using the Sarum prayer, “God be in my head”


Churchnext – online mini-courses and resources


A Lenten coloring book for adults


Good Book Study Club


News and Press

See what is drawing media attention on our historic properties.


Explore Our Collections

View our rich holdings of artifacts, archives and library materials.


Independence Rests Here

Discover the Christ Church Burial Ground.


All Are Welcome

Find yourself within the community of Christ Church.