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Mission of the Preservation Trust

The Christ Church Preservation Trust, a non-profit organization, was created in 1965 to ensure the preservation, restoration and maintenance of historic Christ Church, Neighborhood House and the Christ Church Burial Ground. Of extraordinary historical importance, Christ Church has been deemed a National Historic Landmark.

Since 1965, the Trust has raised $15 million for the preservation of the Christ Church historic properties. Capital projects have included preserving and reopening the Christ Church Burial Ground, renovating the Neighborhood House, creating an archive for historical church materials, and installing fire protection systems in the church.

Every year 250,000 visitors come to Christ Church and the Burial Ground to see the magnificent Georgian building and learn about its notable history.


To enhance the visitor experience, the Trust has launched plans to expand the scope of services offered. These plans include innovative and interpretive ways to bring to life the history of Christ Church and its significant role in shaping the early direction of this nation.

Active Work

The steeple of Christ Church, Philadelphia – which has stood proudly and prominently since its completion in 1754 – is beautiful and fragile. Now the last standing wooden structure with its original form and materials from the colonial and Revolutionary era, the steeple remains Philadelphia’s most treasured historic landmark. Christ Church has protected and preserved the steeple, with community support, for centuries.

At this time, the steeple lists two feet to the right. To endure for centuries more, it needs structural support, elaborate scaffolding to allow for the removal of centuries of old lead paint, repainting and the restoration of warped wood.

This project will cost the Trust $2.2 million. We are actively securing grants and individual donations to meet this bill. If you can contribute to this capital campaign, please make a donation below or contact Barbara Hogue.

Christ Church Preservation Trust Board of Trustees

  • Thomas T. Loder, Chair
  • Samuel Wheeler, Vice Chair
  • Gregory Staton, Treasurer
  • Janice Woodcock, Secretary
  • Sheryl Bar
  • Dr. Nathalie Bartle
  • Jack Cassidy
  • Carol Fitzgerald
  • Rachelle L. Kaiserman
  • George McNeely
  • Robert Lavizzo-Mourey
  • Hon. Gene E.K. Pratter
  • Richard L. Smoot


  • David C. Auten
  • Deborah D. Bishop
  • Jean Bodine
  • Bayard R. Fiechter
  • Julia B. Leisenring
  • Leon L. Levy
  • Jeffrey F. Scott
  • Newbold Strong
  • Robert S. Warth

Christ Church Preservation Trust Staff

Barbara Hogue, Executive Director
ext. 29 |

John Hopkins, Director of Operations and Burial Ground Coordinator
ext. 32 |


Neil Ronk, Senior Guide and Historian
ext. 30 |


Megan Thibodeaux, Rentals Manager
ext. 28 |

Carol Smith, Archivist
ext. 34 |

Carrie Hagen, Marketing and Development
ext. 26 |

Christ Church Preservation Trust
20 North American St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106-4592

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