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A Stewardship Message from the Rector:

I once knew a priest whose personalized license plate simply stated: Become.

Become is a good word for Christ Church. What will Christ Church become in our coming years? We all answer that question as we make a financial pledge to Christ Church.

Christian stewardship calls us each to revere God’s creation, and to use our gifts rightly within it. Christian stewardship asks, “Have you gained the treasure entrusted to you in a godly manner? Does the money you have, and the way you’ve acquired it, honor the creation and the gifts God has bestowed upon you?”

Timothy Safford, Rector

As members, we are the stewards of Christ Church. We, right now, allow Christ Church to become what God calls us to be: a place of inspiration, of beauty, of comfort, of hospitality and welcome and of love freely shared with all, wherever they find themselves on the journey of faith.

What will become of Christ Church? What an honor it is to share with you in the answering of that question.

In gratitude,

Timothy Safford, Rector

Giving a Pledge to Christ Church

To be a member of Christ Church is to make a financial pledge to Christ Church. It is good stewardship, and allows the Vestry and Finance Committee to budget responsibly.

Ways to Give

  1. Pledge Form/PayPal Form

    Just input your credit card information into our secure Paypal form to donate directly to Christ Church. This can be a gift processed through a debit or credit card, and you can set up a recurring payment as well!

  2. Online Membership Portal

    To make a gift or pledge through our online portal, create a login account on the membership website using the email address on file at Christ Church. You will then be emailed your login information.

  3. Automatic Bank Deduction

    You can arrange for weekly or monthly automatic-debit payments through the Church Office. You may change the amount of your pledge at any time by simply contacting us.

    You can also set up a regular check from your bank account to Christ Church through an automatic Bill Pay. Choose Christ Church in Philadelphia as a payee, with the address 20 N. American St., Philadelphia, PA 19106. Here, you set the amount of your gift and a recurring schedule, e.g., weekly, monthly. With this option, the bank sends your financial commitment on a regular schedule so the Church will benefit from the regular cash flow.

  4. In-person offerings

    If you would rather give to Christ Church in person, you may present your gift at one of our weekly services during the offering portion. We can provide you with offering envelopes for your convenience, printed with donor record numbers to insure proper crediting of payments.

Our Mission for Giving

At Christ Church, we are marked for mission – always giving ourselves away to the world around us.

Worship is the heart of all we do. It is the source of our strength, the assurance of our salvation, and our gift of beauty to the world. Christ Church is an oasis of uncommon welcome. Each Sunday we say, “Whoever you are, we welcome you, as you are,” and as a congregation we embody this welcome every day of the week.

We seek each Sunday visitor to leave inspired and grateful for sharing with us what is sometimes easy to take for granted. Around 250,000 people are welcomed to the Church, Neighborhood House and Burial Ground each year – we give ourselves away by welcoming in. We see it just as clearly when we welcome a new neighbor to The Bridge, the LGBTQ fellowship, the Sages, or Parents @ the Kitchen Table.

The membership of Christ Church has a joyful and solemn duty – we are its stewards. As we are called to worship, welcome and nurture, we are to provide the means to make it happen. As stewards, we must give our time and our talents as certainly as we share our treasure.


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