Giving to Christ Church Philadelphia

Since 1695, Christ Church has relied on the generosity of friends and members to sustain our mission in Philadelphia.  At 321 years-old, we are just getting started.

Donating online

We rely on the secure, safe services of PayPal for most online donations.  You may click here to go to the PayPal website, or click the Donate to Christ Church button above.

Donating by mail

Please send check or money order to Christ Church in Philadelphia, Attn:  Cecilia Wagner, 20 N. American Street, Philadelphia, PA  19106

Donating appreciated securities

Please contact Cecilia Wagner by email, or call 215.922.1695, ext. 21, for specific instructions

Setting up recurring gifts online, or through a bank account

If you have a PayPal, account, you may designate your gift as recurring, setting the number and amount of recurring gifts.  In this case, go to, log in to your account, and use the "Send Money" option, using the email:

Our recommendation is to set up a regular, recurring automatic check to be sent from your bank, if possible.

For this option, you log into your personal bank account online and set up an automatic “Bill Pay,” or some similar name, depending on your bank.  Then you set up Christ Church in Philadelphia as a payee, with the address 20 N. American St., Philadelphia, PA  19106, and you set the amount of your gift and, if you want a recurring gift, you set recurring schedule, e.g., weekly, monthly.  Your bank then mails a check drawn on your account to Christ Church on the schedule you set up.  Christ Church then receives the check in the mail and posts it to your giving record.  With this option, you have the comfort that the bank is sending your financial commitment on a regular schedule so you don’t need to worry about, and Church will benefit from the regular cash flow.  This option is the most cost effective because there are no charges to either you or the Church.

Questions?  Call John Dill at the Church 215-922-1695, x31, or email

An additional option that links online giving to your membership record at Christ Church

Christ Church has a highly secure and reliable web-based Online Contribution system. However, it will be phased out by January 31, 2017.  You may use it for one time or recurring gifts and pledge payments to Christ Church, using your checking account, or debit or credit card.  Using your checking account has the lowest fees for Christ Church.

To make an online gift or pledge so, click here, or paste the following address into your browser:

For your security, you must create a sign in account on the Christ Church membership website that works just the same as most online commerce sites.

You will see this screen:

Member log in screen

Note at the circle where to click.

Complete the form, using the email address on file at Christ Church. You will be emailed the info to sign in for the first time.

If you do not have an email address on file, you may register as a guest, and we will later add you to the database.

 Once you sign in, you will arrive at your personal screen that allows you to click “Give Now.”

From there, the process is pretty self-explanatory.  If you have questions, please contact Cecilia Wagner.

Always identify, as much as the space allows, the specific use of your gift if not for our general operating budgets.  For instance, if the gift is for Altar Flowers or Music Ministry, please note that in the memo area.

If you want to update any information, click “My Complete Profile” on the main page.

Complete your profile

Why use Online Giving?

Online giving allows a safe and secure way to manage your pledge, and you now can track your giving history online, not waiting for a statement from the church. If you set up recurring giving, Christ Church has a steadier cash flow.


When I am in church, can I still put an offering in the plate?

Yes. It is always important to participate in the offering during the church service. Newcomers often comment when they see church members not putting gifts into the plate, they think they don’t need to. Any offering given in church will be credited toward your pledge. If your entire pledge is through online giving, consider putting an additional gift for outreach or another purpose. If you use a check, or an envelope with your name, you will be credited.

Questions: Please contact Cecilia Wagner, 215.922.1695, ext. 21.

The Christ Church Preservation Trust is a non-religious non-profit organization whose goal is the preservation of the historic Christ Church buildings and burial ground, and the interpretation of church history.

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