Stewardship and Giving

You may complete an online pledge card here.

A Stewardship Message from the Rector

I once knew a priest whose personalized license plate simply stated: Become.

Become is a good word for Christ Church.  Entering our 318th year, what will Christ Church become? We all answer that question as we make a financial pledge to Christ Church for 2013. 

You may complete an online pledge card here.

Christian stewardship calls us each to revere God`s creation, and to use our gifts rightly within it.  Not just about giving money, stewardship is also about how we have acquired the money we have.  Christian stewardship asks, “Have you gained the treasure entrusted to you in a godly manner?  Does the money you have, and the way you`ve acquired it, honor the creation and the gifts God has bestowed upon you?”

As members, we are the stewards of Christ Church.  We, right now, allow Christ Church to become what God calls us to be: a place of inspiration, of beauty, of comfort, of hospitality and welcome and of love freely shared with all, wherever they find themselves on the journey of faith.

What will become of Christ Church in 2013?  What an honor it is to share with you in the answering of that question.

 In gratitude,

Timothy Safford, Rector


John Binsfeld, Cecilia Wagner and Parker Kitterman, on the occasion of Parker's installation as Director of Music and Cecilia's 20th anniversary of leadership in the Christ Church choir.
The Christ Church Preservation Trust is a non-religious non-profit organization whose goal is the preservation of the historic Christ Church buildings and burial ground, and the interpretation of church history.

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