Preservation Trust

The Christ Church Preservation Trust, a non-profit organization, was created in 1965 to ensure the preservation, restoration and maintenance of historic Christ Church, Neighborhood House and the Christ Church Burial Ground. These sites are of extraordinary historical importance and the Church has been deemed a National Historic Landmark.

The Trust supports the maintenance and preservation of these sites. The Trust completed a $10 Million Capital Campaign.  Significant undertakings included restoring the church steeple, which was the tallest structure in America for 56 years, rebuilding fences and property surrounding the Church, creating an archive for historical Church materials, and maintaining and restoring the Christ Church Burial Ground at 5th and Arch Streets. In addition, the Trust manages the tourist and visitors program at the Church and Burial Ground that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Every year 250,000 visitors come to Christ Church and the burial ground to see the magnificent Georgian building and learn about its notable history. To enhance the experience of visitors, the Trust has launched plans to expand the scope of services offered. These plans include innovative and interpretive ways to bring to life the history of Christ Church and its significant role in shaping the early direction of this nation.

Public forums will be held to encourage conversation on important issues that affect and shape our society and how we live together.

Christ Church Preservation Trust Board of Trustees

  • Lynn Martin Haskin, Chairman
  • Thomas T. Loder, Vice Chair
  • Gregory Staton, Treasurer
  • Samuel Wheeler, Secretary
  • Frances E. Dalton
  • Elizabeth A. Eagles
  • Gabrielle Gary
  • Rachelle L. Kaiserman
  • Julia B. Leisenring
  • Robert Lavizzo-Mourey
  • Charles E. Mather
  • Hon. Gene E.K. Pratter
  • Cynthia E. Roberts
  • Richard L. Smoot
  • Janice Woodcock


  • David C. Auten
  • Deborah D. Bishop
  • Jean Bodine
  • Bayard R. Fiechter
  • Robert Gill, M.D.
  • Leon L. Levy
  • Jeffrey F. Scott
  • Newbold Strong
  • Robert S. Warth

The Rev. Timothy B. Safford

Christ Church

Barbara Hogue

Christ Church Preservation Trust

Restoration of Henry Pratt\'s family vault
Restoration of Henry Pratt's family vault
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