Conservation & Renovation

The Burial Ground was closed to the public from 1977 through 2003.  In 2002, The Christ Church Preservation Trust undertook a major program of renovation in order to reopen the Burial Ground.

Major undertakings included rebuilding and conserving 150 grave markers (many by pinning and mortaring broken pieces); landscaping (new paths and turf, ivy removal and tree work); rebuilding walls around the burial ground, and creating an interpretation program for visitors.

The primary partners in this renovation included:

  • Christ Church Preservation Trust
  • Wolf Historic Preservation — Historic reconstruction and interpretation, mapping, biographies
  • South Street Design Company — Landscaping
  • Fairmount Park Historic Preservation Trust — Conservation of grave markers
  • Masonry Preservation Group — Wall repair
This project was supported by:
  • A major grant from the Heritage Investment Program funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts and administered by the Independence Visitor Center Corporation.
  • Anonymous Donor
  • The McLean Contributionship
  • Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
  • The Barra Foundation
  • National Museum of American Jewish History
  • PA Department of Community and Economic Development
  • Claneil Foundation
  • Forrest Lattner Foiundation
  • Raynier Institute and Foundation
  • HBE Foundation
Marker restoration
Photo, left: Before - When conservators found Sidney Wilcox’s grave it was in disrepair — the cross had fallen from the base
Photo, right: After - Conservators repaired the grave marker

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